Where does Golden Crane Vintage ship to?

I ship worldwide to over fifty countries. If your country is not available on the checkout, get in touch with me to arrange an alternative shipping.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

All international packages are shipped via DHL Worldwide Express. 

You will be provided with a tracking number that you can use to follow your order status.

Delivery time varies from 1 to 5 days since the courier collects your package. 

Your order will be delivered always from Monday to Friday.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is FREE for orders over €70 to Spain, €150 to Europe, €250 to United States & Canada and €300 to all other countries.

If your order is under that threshold you will be charged a flat shipping rate based on your location. You can find this rate in our shipping section or at checkout.

How do I know which size is right for me?

I always provide a modern size estimation, but I recommend you to check the specific measurements on each item.

Also, take into consideration that vintage fits closer to the body, so I suggest you allow a little wiggle room in certain areas.

Another great idea is to compare those measurements with a similar item that fits you well.

If, after taking these steps you still have questions, you just have to ask!

Do you offer returns?

Yes. Every vintage shop within the EU is compelled to accept returns from European customers.

Time ago, I decided to extend that right to worldwide customers.

You'll find more information in returns policy section.

Is my purchase ready to wear?

Bringing back to life a garment is one of the most laborious yet satisfying parts of this job.

My aim is that you can enjoy your new outfit as soon as it falls into your hands. Because of that, I and my mother invest a lot of time cleaning, repairing and preparing  these pieces before bringing them to you.

How do I care for my vintage piece?

A piece of general advice is to wait until it is totally necessary to wash anything. Rotate your older and most precious pieces in your collection instead of wearing them too often to prevent damage.

Most of the items can be hand washed with lukewarm or cold water, a little patience and a gentle detergent for wool or silks.

Some very delicate, structured or antique pieces cannot be washed. In that case, I recommend you to spot treating and airing the piece instead of attempting to wash it.

If you choose dry cleaning, I recommend you to search for a eco-friendly one.Some use water-soluble and biodegradable cleaning agents instead of perchloroethylene, which is harsh on both fabric and the environment.

To dive deeper into my cleaning, washing and storing methods, go to the caring for vintage section.

Is vintage clothing sustainable?

When you buy vintage clothing, you are not just reusing an already existing good rather than contributing to current production models. You are buying from a small shop, which in turn feeds on a network of small businesses such as antique dealers, flea markets or private sellers.

However, I believe that changing our consumption habits must be the result of a much more extensive and profound inner change: moving towards self-acceptance and aspiring to live in harmony with our community and environment.

With that in mind, I want to bring you vintage clothing, even those pieces that aren't perfect and survived for decades, not only because they are a more sustainable choice, but also because inside each piece resides a unique beauty and a small tribute to craftsmanship and quality. In short, a story that brings you closer to a more purposeful living.