About us


I used to spend many afternoons wandering through antique stores and flea markets with my parents when I was little. After our trip, my dad always told me fascinating stories about their finds, and I vividly remember observing my mother repair, clean, and find a special place for all those precious objects at home. I guess that's how, little by little, I fell in love with vintage and antiques.

Years after, I realized that vintage fashion gave me the most original, well made, and perfect-fitting garments in my closet. It slowly turned reusing into something meaningful and necessary. It helped me to explore and express different moods, aesthetics, and influences thanks to its wide variety of eras and styles. Somehow, it connected me to the history and human factor behind each piece. And eventually, led me to launch this little shop.

Those first sales, conversations, and opinions ended up giving shape to my message: Bringing you beautiful and unique vintage pieces was key; But offering detailed and transparent descriptions, delivering your package safely and in a timely manner, or being there to help you anytime you need, was equally important.

When I'm not sourcing vintage, you can find me devouring wildlife books and documentaries, going to gigs with my soulmate and a couple of friends, traveling, dreaming about living close to the sea someday, or simply loving staying at home.


My beautiful mother. The hands that carefully mend, sew, and restore these pieces. Since Golden Crane Vintage was born, she's been present in this business in a myriad of ways. I am thankful for her amazing support, for the shared laughs in our buying trips, for her experience and desire to learn new things at the same time. This project would definitely have been less exciting and more difficult without her. I feel that Golden Crane Vintage is also a small tribute to our bond.